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Smart Center

A Smart Center is a base of operations for your home, including all of your entertainment, your security, lighting, garage doors and more. You can access all of these functions with the click of a button and even access them remotely using mobile apps. Our experts provide all the electronics and technology you need to complete any home automation system, and we will safely and effectively connect and install all of your devices.

Your Smart Center seamlessly connects to all of your devices and gives you a state-of-the-art electronic home automation system. We install home automation systems for both homes and businesses, allowing you to connect your TVs, stereo systems, surveillance system and other digital functions throughout your property. Using one connected system, you can access everything with ease, controlling surveillance and security systems around your home, showing cameras on your TV, or monitoring your security system from your mobile device. When you are getting ready for bed at night, you can secure your doors with one click or check that you locked your doors after leaving home using mobile smartphone controls and apps.

Learn more about home automation systems using Stereo Advantage’s advanced electronics systems. Contact us today to get a quote, schedule an installation or learn more.


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