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Ray's Blind Review: Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless Home Theater System

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Stereo Advantage.

Audio has gone through many changes over the years. We have seen the traditional console stereo, component system, surround sound receiver and speakers and finally the advent of the sound bar.Soundbars from CES

What could be better than all the choices we have for great sound? The new Klipsch wireless home theater system.

This system is completely wireless and consists of front, rear, center and sub-woofer, with each speaker having its own independent amplifier. There is a separate HD control center where your entire components plug in. Distribution is done wirelessly. The signal passes seamlessly from the HD control center to all of the speakers.

You can use this as a conventional 2-channel audio system, and eventually build it up to a 7.2 surround system. Just add more speakers, that’s how simple it is.

Now let’s get to the heart of this wonderful new system. All of these speakers are part of Klipsch’s famous Reference Premier line.


In previous reviews, we have discussed the benefits of the Reference Premier speakers. Their quality is unparalleled as they sound like a model that is much more expensive than it is.

This group of speakers in the HD wireless system all comes with a high quality amplifier which helps to drive them extremely efficiently. Powered speakers have been used a great deal in the live music industry for powered PA cabinets. Having the amplifier directly inside the speaker, makes it work seamlessly, thus making almost a zero power loss.

rp_440wf pair of standing speakers

When you plug a receiver into a set of speakers, there is though very minimal, some power lost. A powered speaker integrates so well, with the amplifier inside it, that amplifier and speaker function as one which increases the efficiency of the speaker and causes the amplifier to work much less.

Think for a moment how great this Klipsch system will sound as each speaker has its own amplifier inside of it. Imagine this coupled with the fantastic sound of the Reference Premier line.

The main speakers of this line are the RP-440WF. These are floor standing speakers used for fronts. The RP440WF deliver high quality audio for 2-channel stereo or as your main speakers in a surround system. They each have not one but four 4.5 inch Cerametallic cone woofers, one titanium LTS Tweeter and 90° x 90° Tractrix Horn.

home theater systems

The RP440WF delivers a huge amount of bass coupled with crisp clear highs. These speakers can fill any size room; however, this system doesn’t stop there. You can add the RP-110WSW powered sub-woofer for even more bass. Remember all of the speakers mentioned here connect wirelessly to the HD control center.

This powered sub does a great job of producing rich low end bass for movies or any type of music.

It consists of a 10 inch long throw Cerametallic front firing woofer with a bass reflex enclosure. This also has a custom designed amplifier as do all of these wireless speakers in the Reference HD wireless home theater line.

Theater Room from CES

Klipsch won’t really specify the wattage of the amplifiers in their wireless line. Regardless of wattage, this entire line of speakers sounded great. Because of powered speakers being so efficient, wattage isn’t solely the determining factor in judging their sound. This I believe is the future of speakers and listening. If one channel goes down you have another channel to listen to. Even it is not both stereo sides coming through; at least you can listen without having to shut down your whole system. If you don’t want floor standing speakers, you don’t have to worry. Klipsch makes wireless bookshelf speakers that can be used for surround or front speakers, depending on your preference. The RP-140WM looks and sounds great. Inside, they come packed with one 4.5 inch Cerametalic cone woofer and a one inch LTS titanium tweeter with the famous Tractrix horn technology. These bookshelf speakers also have a custom design amplifier in them for easy wireless connectivity to the rest of your system.

The center channel speaker is really impressive, as well. The RP-440wc connects to the HD control center for easy wireless connectivity. This center channel is excellent for enhancing dialog in your movies. It boasts not one but 4 4.5 inch Cerametalic cone woofers, and a 1 inch LTS titanium tweeter with Klipsch’s tractrix horn technology. With its custom designed amplifier and easy wireless connectivity, who could ask for more.

Now I want to discuss the brains of this incredible system. How do we get everything to work properly?

True, the speakers are wireless and have their own amplifiers, but how do you integrate all of this. The HD control center creates its own wireless network which eliminates constraints of bandwidth on your Wi-Fi. The easy step by step menu guides you through the set up process. There is a dedicated button on the back of each speaker that sinks it up with the HD control center. This is appropriately called the smart speaker selector. The HD control center replaces your receiver, as that is where you plug your components in. The unit has 4 HDMI ports complete with 4K pass-through. One of the ports even has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 support).

There are two digital audio inputs, one optical and one digital coaxial. The HD control center also has a conventional analog input, plus Bluetooth connectivity as well. Stream your music from a phone or tablet and enjoy it through a completely wireless system of speakers. There is even a 3.5mm input used for IR. The dedicated wireless network doesn’t lose any quality in the audio even though it is transmitted wirelessly.

TopTech award to Reference speakers

The Klipsch wireless home theater is in all ways a perfect system. Klipsch even offers firmware upgrades to the software to insure that your system will have excellent sound and constantly improved wireless connectivity.

The first firmware upgrade is even free. Once you register the system, Klipsch will always let you know when there are firmware upgrades available. This system can literally grow with you. Start out with just two speakers and build it up from there. You will never have to worry about complicated wiring when putting in a surround system. Just place the speakers anywhere, sink them up to the HD control center and you are ready to go.

tv soundbars

Hearing music and movies has never been easier. With the Klipsch wireless home theater; this will never be a problem. Anyone can configure this system as it is very simple. We will have this system very soon. Stay tuned for further updates. Customers have been waiting for a good wireless system for several years now. That time has finally come thanks to that wonderful company and innovator called Klipsch. Klipsch is a definitive icon in the future of audio and video listening. Klipsch very possibly will be the 8th wonder of the world with the HD wireless home theater system.

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